Camping Swags and Tents: The Unique Way to Enjoy Australia

What is a Swag?

A swag is a traditional Australian canvas bag roll with built-in bed. Basically, it’s like sleeping bag that will cover your entire body and all the way up to your head. 

These are perfect for every season – they’re waterproof in case of rain and warm during wintertime when you need extra protection from chilly temperatures outside (and bugs); plus these tents won’t get wet because there’s no open areas where water could enter through seams which means no leaks either.

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Why use it?

The Australian outback can be a lonely place, but for those who enjoy camping in the wild and seeking solitude there is no better way than with swags. 

The best part about these shelters? They’re easy to set up-you’ll have all evening preparing your meal while others on tour do most of this work! 

With only one person per tent it will feel more like home away from civilization as you get ready for some much needed rest after hours walking around taking pictures or just enjoying nature at its finest.

Useful Tips for Using a Swag

When you’re looking for a rustic camping experience, it’s hard to beat the aesthetics of open-air barbecues. 

But before settling into your spot and marveling at all that surrounds us from sunsets in summertime or snowfall during winter months – make sure not overlook these important tips when bringing along gear: 

  • Bring some blankets with temperatures suitable for sleeping on them.
  • If there will be other people travelling together then choose one location away from any fires as sparks can create danger near them too easily (especially around campfires)
  • Make sure to zip up or roll up the swag once you are out and about. Outback animals may crawl into your tent without realizing which could give you an unpleasant surprise when bedtime rolls around
  •  And lastly, rolled-up sleeping bags can also double as a camping seat by themselves (just in case!)

7 Reasons Why Swags are Better than Tents

There are many reasons why a swag can be better than a tent when camping. Camping without the tent? Swags are a great alternative! Here’s why regular campers prefer them.

Easier to set up and pack away – Swags are simple and quick to set up. And when the trip is over, packing them back into their bag couldn’t be easier. Simply roll up your swag for easy storage or carry on-the go convenience anywhere you need it.

No need to pack extra bedding – A swag is a perfect option for those who want to camp but don’t have the room. It comes with its own foam mattress, so you won’t need any extra bedding or sleeping bag and can enjoy your time away in comfort.

Warmer – Swags are the best option for people who want to stay warm and dry. They’re guaranteed to be warmer than tents due their heavy material, type of canvas used, as well as smaller volume keeping your body heat inside! The included foam mattress doesn’t just keep you cozy but also more effectively retains warmth when compared with stand alone air mattresses which tend take away from it instead by causing movement that moves heated air around (taking some off).

More ventilation – When the weather turns hot, open up your canvas and windows for ventilation. You won’t have to worry about pesky insects either- with an in built fly screen mesh instead.

Long-lasting – The original design of a swag was made in such away that it can withstand years of use. Manufacturers make sure their products are able to stand up against harsh elements, like being thrown into the backseat or tied down on top for maximum storage capacity. These things aren’t delicate; they’ll survive anything you dish out without breaking.

Flexible – Swags are the perfect way to have camping at your space. You can easily place them in any vehicle and be elevated from sleeping on ground level, or you could even pull up next door if there’s not much room left inside for all of those things.

No pegs – hey provide you with comfort on your next camping trip, especially if it’s windy or rainy outside! But be sure not let strong winds in adverse weather conditions cause damage; don’t forget about using these essential pieces when necessary – they’re called “pegs” for good reason after all.

Single Biker Swag Camping Tent

Single Biker Swag Camping Tent

King Single Biker Swag Camping Tent

How to Build Your Swag Set-Up Like a Pro

It’s important that your swag set-up is on point if you want to make an impact at your camping experience. In this article, we will provide you with some simple tips and tricks for making sure that your swag tent looks great.


The camping world is full of compromise. Do you go for the 5cm or 7/5-inch thick option? Is extra bulk worth more comfort and support, even if it means carrying around a little bit heavier swag mattress with self inflating mat to make your trip easier on yourself.


When you camp as much, it’s nice to indulge in some of the luxuries that life has set aside for those who love roughing it. The extra bulk was totally worth letting yourself rest easy with a little comfort.


When you’re camping, bring a sleeping bag and fitted sheet to keep warm at night. For chilly nights in the wilderness or on an overnight hike-use your groundcloth instead of building a nest beneath trees like some animals do! It makes life easier when there’s less clothing required too so just leave it behind if its not necessary during these times

Are Swags Waterproof?

Mountainview Double Swag Camping Tent

King Single Swag Camping Tent

Mountview King Single Swag

Not all swags and tents are waterproof, so it’s important to ensure that you check the specifications. 

The main considerations for a good quality cotton or poly-cotton canvas milled specifically designed with natural water resistance in mind is fabric type; how long has this product been around? 

What kind of maintenance will be needed when using your new purchase vs what was recommended by manufacturer instructions before buying – do not forget about design either.

Things to Consider When Buying a Swag Tent

How are you going to sleep in the wilderness? This is a question that many campers ask themselves before they set off on their adventure. If you are looking for high quality, an easy-to-set up tent, then your best option may be a swag tent. There are plenty of options available, but it pays to do your research before buying one. Here’s what to consider when buying a swag tent;


The most important factor to consider when purchasing a new swag tent is fabric. A high-quality cotton or poly-cotton canvas milled specifically for making tents, which can be water resistant and second hand proofing options are available so it’s worth checking out what kind of material they use in their product. Mentioning the waterproofness rating will also let you know if this particular feature should matter too.


Some camping swags may look great but fail to get the job done. Pay close attention to where water tends leak in, like at your tent’s floor or along its walls for ventilation- if you see any moist spots on these parts of a swag then chances are it will rain inside during heavy downpours so make sure they’re properly sealed.


Camping is a great way to get away from it all and spend some time in nature. But you need the right gear! Your tent should be treated with care so that it lasts for many more adventures, but also keep an eye on how often you clean your swag (that’s what we call tents here). 

Make sure there isn’t any mold or dust before storing up again – this will spoil all those memories of your favorite camp spot along with make new ones if they have dirtied their clothes taking off too soon after getting back home which can leave them feeling dirty as well.


A tent is a necessary tool for camping. And while we always encourage people to seek out the best deal possible, when it comes down to what’s worth your money in terms of swag tents – you get exactly that: something good! 

A $100 “swag” won’t offer anything near as much support or quality than an expensive one so make sure before buying any old thing (or making this process easier) by creating a list of things which are non-negotiable and can perhaps wait until later if needed during setup time since some might already be taken care off beforehand.

Tents Swags

Ground Floor Exploration

Weisshorn Double Swag Camping Tent - 7cm Mattress

Weisshorn Double Swag Camping Tent - 7cm Mattress

Double Swag Camping Tent - 7cm mattress

Types of Swags and Construction

A tent is something that you’ll want to have at your campsite, and the three types range from traditional with a roof over it all up until an air swag.

Traditional Swag / Bedroom Swag

A traditional swag is where it all started. This setup doesn’t have much more than a mattress covered in canvas pockets which are rolled up, with straps around them to keep them stable during use and transport – simple as that! 

These can be set-up quickly because there aren’t any poles needed for assembly like other backpacking tents might require; just unroll your new camping friend and you’re ready take on whatever adventure comes next.

These type of swags are lightweight and compact, so easy to store. They offer you the protection from rain or sun as well as an ample amount comfort when camping out under open sky with only your loved ones by side for company! 

The downside is that they cannot withstand strong winds because those gusts will blow over anything but a tent on its own accord – which could lead into trouble in more ways than one (wind damage).

Dome Swag / Tunnel Swag

A dome swag is an excellent alternative for campers who don’t need much more than some place to sleep and want to travel light. 

The top layer of canvas can be tucked away from your head with a pole, providing you with ventilation while still blocking bugs in summer months or snowfall during wintertime travels. 

Unlike traditional backpacks where everything must go into one compartment after being piled up high on all sides, this type allows room beneath it so there are no worries about bumping knees.

Air Swag

The newest type of swag on the Aussie market is the air swag. You might have seen that some tents are starting to use this new pole technology, where instead of poles they inflate material to hold up your shelter and provide all those benefits we love about dome-style shelters without any hassle.

Swag Size

When it comes to the size of your swag, you tend have three sizes – a single or king-size. However each individual will measure slightly differently so I recommend checking out actual dimensions before making any purchases

The amount of headroom provided in different models can vary quite significantly as well which might be something else worth considering if extra space is what’s desired over everything else.

A general guide of swag sizing is as follows:

  • Single: 60-90 cm wide x 180-230 cm long
  • King Single: 90-115 cm wide x 190-230 cm long
  • Double: 110-130 cm wide x 190-230 cm long

If you’re looking for a durable camping swag that can take the elements, then it is essential to find one with heavy duty canvas. 

The best quality versions will have at least 360 grams per square meter or an ounce per yard which ensures your gear stays protected from rain and snow while also being breathable as well.. You’ll want something made of ripstop fabric so water won’t soak through any time soon!


As well as the outer layer of swag, it’s essential to check what base material your hoop will be made from. A good option is PVC because no water can get into a vinyl-based product and they dry much faster than canvas bases but there’s an issue with condensation in hot or humid weather if you go this route; 

For example putting down tarp underneath yourself when using one outdoors during summer months may help reduce any potential problems at least until autumn arrives.


The beauty of a swag mattress is that it comes with its own built in mattresses, so you won’t have to purchase another one. But the downside? 

Well if your tastes lean towards comfort and sleeping soundly through nights than consider checking out some thicker models – around 35-70mm thick usually work well for this purpose.

Need to know more about Swags?

Canvas swags are a relatively new concept to the UK but there’s no need for fear. We hope this guide will give you an idea of what your can expect from one.

It is an evolution of the days when Waltzing Matilda and The Australian ‘Jolly Swagman’ would travel from farm to farm looking for work, sleeping by billabongs under coolibahs trees with their simple blankets.

The first thing to acknowledge about a swag is that it would be an error to call them tents. In Australia, we have their own word for this type of habitat and they’re called “swags”. 

The humble yet comfortable mattress set are enclosed in hard-wearing canvas with items such as clothes racks or even cooking gear when necessary; you can keep some personal belongings inside but not too much since dressing takes place outside the shelter itself.

When you’re looking for a way to camp, there is only one place that will be willing and able provide the best experience: Outhaus! These swags come with heavy duty polycotton canvas material in DWR coated form.

They also have waterproof PVC bases so your inside stays dry no matter what happens outside – whether it’s pouring or not at all (though they still work great even when wet). 

A lot of people think its best just use their bed as part of setting up an outdoorsy area–like how some might take advantage microfiber towels while others invest on larger tarps which can cover more ground before needing another shelter due.

Pitch an awning on your 4×4 or tarp between some trees and have the swag pitched at the edge of this shelter. 

Then you’ll be able to enjoy cooking all sorts of delicious meals, with plenty space for other activities in addition! Your comfy canvas bedroom is out here while protecting you from bad weather – even if it’s pouring outside.

Double Swag Camping Tent

Double Swag Camping Tent

Double Swag Camping Tent