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Choosing Between a Campground or Camping in the Woods

campground or woods

Let’s begin with camping at a commercial campground. Social amenities are generally more readily available. There is normally a market or some type of food outlet available nearby, cutting down the amount of food we have to prepare and the number of ice chests needed for the family camping trip. Social life for people who prefer being in groups is another attribute to make the family outing to a campground. Using a campground instead of camping outdoors, also makes transportation a simpler matter, as most commercial campgrounds are generally located at, or near major roadways.

Another reason for utilizing a commercial family campground is the availability of showers, restrooms and as a rule first aid stations. A fishing area is generally available for the youngsters to enjoy or learn fishing skills. Most commercial family campgrounds, also provide electricity, which cuts down the number of flashlights or lanterns that we may need to have available and makes better camping security. Generally, all the electronic gadgets can be used, at commercial campgrounds, because they are usually located near towns or cities, for those who have to remain in contact with their world.

Now let’s discuss some of the reasons why we might prefer to choose a family camping expedition in the woods. First, would be to get away from all the electronic gadgets and the fast-paced life that we currently live in. We might prefer the sounds of crickets, birds and other wildlife to the sounds of cars and trucks zooming by, as we hear each day. A beautiful sunrise or sunset over a pristine lake, may be preferred by some, to the sight of families preparing for some sleep or arising from slumber. Although, most commercial campgrounds have lakes in them, catching fish in a running stream, and cooking them over a campfire always was preferable to myself.

The warm glow of a campfire, with the family gathered around, telling chilling stories (all fiction, of course), to the younger ones is preferable to some than the availability of watching t.v. At the campsite. The use of flashlights, to create shadow pictures on the family tent walls, if one of my favorite memories. After the campfire has been extinguished, being surrounded by the night sounds of the woods, the star and moonlit skies and the peace and tranquility around, are some of the most pleasant memories that can be preserved.

There are drawbacks to camping in the wild of course. Clean toilets and showers are preferred by some of the less adventurous among us, but where does family lore come from. Of course, if the amenities are voted extremely important, there are camping supplies that have everything necessary. Items such as camp stoves, commodes and even outdoor showers may be purchased either locally or online.

The next thing to discuss is camp security. Of course commercial family campgrounds would appear to be a much safer place for the family expedition. However, it should be remembered that there are far less people about when you camp in the woods. You should only have to worry about wildlife there. We always found that if we stored away our supplies properly, we had no problems with the wildlife. We also brought sound makers to keep the animals away if they came to the campsite. I have heard that some people have used strobe lights to keep the wildlife away, although I have never tried this.