Get the Right Caravan Screen: Privacy and UV Protection

The right caravan privacy screen is not an easy decision to make. You really have to consider what your needs are, because they will determine which type of screen is best for you. If you’re camping in the middle of nowhere, where there are no neighbours near by, then something that focuses on keeping the sun out might be your best bet.

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Why Are Caravan Trips Are So Popular?

As of June 2019, the Caravan Industry Association reported that Australians are spending 17% more on caravan trips. 

This is most likely due to increased tourism throughout regional areas like country towns and beaches resorts with 90% of visits being made in these places.

As a result we have seen an increase in interest for traveling via camper vans because they offer privacy screens which allow you enjoy your holiday as if its just between family members or friends without any strangers seeing what goes inside.

Tips for Caravan Shade Walls

  • Sometimes its better to get a slightly shorter screen – e.g., the 16′ for a 17-footer, so that it leaves 1 foot of space and can be walked through easily at both ends. Handy if you end up with 2x middle walls too.
  • For a secure installation, use bungy cords to attach the shade wall to pegs. This will help keep it from pulling out when there’s wind with its stretchy properties that takes some of the shock off for you.
  • In order to increase stability, use bigger pegs. Pegs are included in the kit but you may find that it is better with larger ones if possible (consider screw-in type for quick setup).
  • In order to keep your awning from flapping and whistling in the wind, get an anti-flap kit. These kits are made with aluminum hardware that attachs onto the vinyl of an open-air shelter when its out preventing it from doing so by holding up against their weight like curtains would at home on windows letting light filter through instead while blocking outside noise.


2.1 x 1.8M Pop Top Caravan Privacy Screen

Made from water-repellent 200gsm polyethylene fabric, the pop-top end screen features hemmed edges to prevent fraying from robust use and heavy-duty stainless steel D-ring attachments. Setting up the screen is quick and easy.

Deluxe Twin Stove Grey Caravan Privacy Screen 1.95 x 2.2M End Wall

Designed to work as either a standalone or in conjunction with other privacy screens, our Caravan End Screen provides additional privacy and UV protection for a great time in the outdoors.

Caravan Privacy

Black Caravan Privacy Screen

Setting up the screen is quick and easy. Just strap it to your caravan awning arm and secure it to the ground with the supplied guy ropes and ground pegs.

Benefits of Caravan Privacy Screens

Protection from heat

The Australian climate is warming at a rate faster than the global average. People need protection from continuous exposure to ultraviolet radiation (UVR), which are harmful and can cause skin cancer as well as other diseases such an immune system deficiency or reduced vitality due to chronic stress caused by strong sunlight. 

Fortunately there are caravan privacy screens that provide 90% UV protection with their higher GSM ratings meaning they offer more shade for you on your outdoor adventures.


In a country where more than 70,000 Australians live in Manufactured Housing Estates (MHE) and caravan parks it can be hard to find privacy. 

Fortunately there are screens that peg down on the ground giving residents an enclosed feeling of security from prying eyes across their neighborhood or street.

Saves money

Having a cool camper helps in reducing consumption. There are vans that run on gas, diesel and electricity so you don’t have to worry about the hassle of converting from one type over another! A high GSM screen will keep your fridge running smoothly while keeping out UV rays which would otherwise cause damage or worn-out appliances like air con units.

Unique designs

Caravan screens are beautiful and functional. You can print travel spots or family photos on them to personalize your camper van’s exterior! caravan park communities will be able use unique screen designs as a way of finding each other in the parking lot, while businesses also benefit from printing ads directly onto these displays for added branding power.


Screens give you protection from the rain and wind. Choose a sturdy cover that’s at an angle, so it can better protect against bad weather conditions.

Extra space

A majority of caravan travelers have only a few possessions, and with not enough space inside the van to store everything they need for their trip it can get quite cramped. Luckily there are shades available that provide you extra living room while out on tour. 

Camping communities also exist in parks where people go about enjoying activities like hiking or fishing. Going through life without much baggage allows us more creativity – something worth taking advantage off when traveling solo.

Pop Top Roll Out Awning Side Extension

Created to either attach to your pop-top caravan’s roll-out awning with other privacy screens or as a standalone screen, this roll-out awning not only protects you from the peering eyes of your neighbours, but it also can keep harmful UV rays away, allowing you to enjoy the outdoors without worrying about the damage UV rays may cause to your skin.

3.35m Coast Caravan Privacy Screen

Coasts range of sunscreens has been redesigned with the end result being a stronger and more functional sunscreen. The front and side sunscreens now feature an improved spline that will not kink over time. There are also newly added reinforcing triangles (with D-rings) that enable the sunscreen to be secured to awning legs. They are still quick and easy to fit.

Caravan End Wall Privacy Screen

If you have an Aussie Traveller Anti-Flap Kit this screen also includes 6mm kedar rope so it can be attached to your awning along the sail track, or no more than a few minutes to install, simply using the velcro straps to attach to the upper awning arm and then pegging down with the supplied pegs & ropes.

Easy and Simple Steps to Set Up
Your Awnings and Privacy Screens

Australians are well known for their love of the outdoors, but what can you do when it’s just too hot to go outside? Awnings are a perfect way to protect yourself from the sun and keep cool in summer. 

You can enjoy your outdoor space no matter how high the temperature gets with an awning. It will provide shade so you don’t have to hide inside all day long, giving you more time to explore this great country we call home!

  • Flip up the locking catch and loosen knob on both sides to undo awning.
  • To make the awning go down, move this switch into its roll-down position.
  • Start by rolling out the screen using tabs – you’ll want to remove both arms simultaneously. Once they’re free from their hold, slide them up until it’s locked into place on each side.
  • Open up the latch on your arm, and slide it until you have reached a position/height that is correct for what’s required.
  • Take the pressure off of your awning and make sure it’s at 90 degrees. Lock in place with an arm lock, then tighten for good measure.
  • You can even change the legs to straight up and down – called the patio position – rather than an angle from your van, or you could lock it off for security.
  • To install the privacy screen, you’ll need to slide it along rope tracks on both sides of your awning. Just make sure that when installing them in opposite directions so they don’t create any interference or damage between themselves.
  • You can tack the bottom edge to keep it from flapping in the wind.

Things to Think About When Choosing Awnings

With so many different types and sizes available, choosing the right awning for you can be difficult. You want to make sure that whatever type of caravan is being used will work with an already-selected roofline – this way nothing needs more than one modification in order to fit properly.

  • How much are you willing to spend? This will determine the quality of fabric, poles and clips as well.
  • How much space are you looking to achieve? The type and size of your awning will determine its configuration, which in turn impacts how well it performs.
  • What about side openings and windows?
  • Do you want a groundsheet that is integral?
  • Do you want an annex?
  • Do you need a sleeping pod for extra guests?

Guide to Measuring Your Awning

If you’re looking to buy a caravan awning, there are some important measurements that will need taking. Make sure your car park is level and all of its contents loaded normally before measuring.

If you are happy that this is the case, measure your caravan ground from below an awning channel at one end to another point directly under it. Be sure and take note of how much space there is between each measurement site for any obstructions in order to correctly calculate overall length-to-width ratio requirements if needed.

5.2M Caravan Privacy Screens 1.95m

The quality screen features water-repellent 200gsm polyethylene fabric with hemmed edging to prevent fraying and heavy-duty stainless steel D-rings attachment joints. Not least, the screen is compatible for use with popular roll-out awning brands such as Carefree Fiesta and Domestic A&E. And when it’s time to move on, the screen can be easily stored in the included carry bag for safekeeping.

Sun Shade

3.4M Caravan Privacy Screens 1.95m Roll Out Awning

The quality screen features water-repellent 200gsm polyethylene fabric with hemmed edging to prevent fraying and heavy-duty stainless steel D-rings attachment joints. Not least, the screen is compatible for use with popular roll-out awning brands such as Carefree Fiesta and Domestic A&E. And when it’s time to move on, the screen can be easily stored in the included carry bag for safekeeping.

4.9M Caravan Privacy Screens 1.95m Roll Out Awning

Create a well-shaded UV-protected private zone within your caravan area with our Privacy Screen. Without the need to install a full annexe, the privacy screen attaches easily to your caravan awning for a spacious private zone with the simplest of installations. Just slide it along your caravan awning and then secure it with the supplied pegs and guy ropes.

What Size Caravan Privacy Screen Fits My Awning?

Without a doubt, it’s clear that caravanning is one of the most popular ways Australians go on holiday. 

Along with the growth in caravans comes an increasing range of accessories you can have fitted to your van for protection from sun and rain (or just great atmosphere). One very popular accessory includes roll out awnings which give protection from both above as well side to end if needed.

Ways to Figure Out What Size You Need

There are many different manufacturers and styles to choose from, but how do you know what size is right for your awning? Sunscreens or privacy screens offer additional protection. They come in various sizes that suit the type of caravan it will be installed on as well.

Awnings come in different sizes to suit the specific needs of your caravan. Though most manufacturers will fit an awning that fits one type of vehicle, sometimes caravans with similar measurements have varied results because there are other factors at play such as where you would store furniture or open/close doors while traveling on vacation.

How to Measure Your Awning

To measure your awning, first get someone to help you and take one of those long tapes that will stretch all the way from one end of it.

You then measure from the centre of one leg to another. You should have an imperial measurement in whole feet, like 10’11” or 12′-0″.

In America, awnings are measured in imperial measurements because it’s not yet been converted to the metric system.

Before you can buy awnings, it is important that the measurements of your tent are converted to metric. A conversion table will help with this process and convert 200mm – 250 mm smaller than what was needed for an awning purchase.

Here’s an example

For example, a 10 ft. Awning in metric is 3.05 meters and the appropriate sunscreen for that size would be 2.8 meters long – most retailers will have these sizes already listed so you just need to provide them with your individual measurements or tell them how many square feet of coverage area are desired.

The sunscreen comes with a spline sown into one side along the length of your fabric. This then slides into any groove (sometimes called rope track or sail track), which is in roller tube for an extension to shade and privacy from people while camping! All brands have universal fittings so it doesn’t matter what type you’re using- they’ll all fit just fine.

What You Need for the Ends of Your Awning

Easily attach end screens to your awning by stretching them out and pegging them down. Then, for those who have pop-tops or full size caravans depending on what type you choose these will fit either side of the screen housing securely with Velcro straps attached via an easy method that anyone can do.

Sunscreens are often available in different shades, like 70%, 80%, 90%. But most of the time they’re just a standard 90% sunscreen with either silver or black finishes.

If you want to protect yourself from more than just UV rays and keep your privacy while doing so then these extra precautions might be something worth considering for your next van purchase.


4.0M Caravan Privacy Screens

The quality screen features water-repellent 200gsm polyethylene fabric with hemmed edging to prevent fraying and heavy-duty stainless steel D-rings attachment joints. Not least, the screen is compatible for use with popular roll-out awning brands such as Carefree Fiesta and Domestic A&E. And when it’s time to move on, the screen can be easily stored in the included carry bag for safekeeping.

Sun Shade

3.7M Caravan Privacy Screens

All it takes is just a few minutes to get it up and shading. The quality screen features water-repellent 200gsm polyethylene fabric with hemmed edging to prevent fraying and heavy-duty stainless steel D-rings attachment joints.

RV Privacy Screen

The Explore Privacy Screening blocks out up to 90% of the sun’s harmful UV rays to provide outstanding shade and privacy for your outdoor space. The premium 220gsm mesh fabric allows the breeze to flow under the awning, keeping you cool.

Caravan Privacy Screens

Choosing the Best Caravan Privacy Screen

Over the last few years, Caravan Privacy Screens have quickly become one of the most popular accessories for caravanners and it’s easy to see why. 

They’re small, lightweight; quick and; easy to install – even when you only have two hands. While not waterproof (you need a cover), they offer privacy which can’t be beat by expensive bulky annexes or lounging on cushions outside all day with no shade in sight.

The increased popularity has led not only to an increase number brands but also manufacturers who offer various sizes or attachment types. With everything changing every day-from colours available too what comes standard on their package–it becomes hard at times just decide where start looking until let this small list clear up any questions.

Awning Type

Most Caravan Privacy Screens on the market are designed for 2 types of awnings: Roll Out Awnings and Box Awnings.

A round barrel at end-of-the fabric that can be wrapped around when retracting, requiring 6 – 7mm rope splines which slide into grooves on their surfaces; these usually come with pre cut ropes also.


It can be a bit of an issue when you’re trying to decide which size will best suit your needs. The official measurement for an Awning Arm is from the centre, but most people measure 15-30cm shorter and this leads them into making the wrong decision because it doesn’t cover enough space.

The 15cm difference in height can be a challenge, but it’s one that is easily overcome with some creativity. For example: A 2.85m Privacy Screen will fit into the track on any 3.0m Fiamma F45S Awning if you make sure there are not too many doorways or obstacles between them.

When installing awnings, make sure you measure the required length of your new outdoor shade before ordering. For example: A 4m (14′) Carefree Roll Out Awning needs an installation that’s 25-30cm shorter than what you’re getting now.


Traditionally, privacy screens have come in an 1800mm drop. This provides coverage most of the way to your feet on a standard RV with some gaps for tie down ropes and pegs but there’s been increasing demand lately which can be pegged directly into the ground or affixed higher up so they provide extra protection against rain without compromising visibility out front as well.

Tie Down Points

Most caravan awnings come with Eyelets or D-Ring attachment points along the bottom edge to attach it securely. There are two different types that you can use: one type has sturdy holes for guy ropes and pegs, while others have lightweight tabs incorporating both styles in their design; we recommend going with these latter options if weight isn’t an issue since they’re easier on your equipment.

Black v Silver

The most common colour of privacy screen is silver/grey and this can vary in lightness depending on brand. Silver screens tend to work well with most RV Colour schemes, reflecting heat while black ones have become increasingly popular over the last year as they make for an excellent look when combined with offroad models using such finishes like checker plate plating or decals that prominently display their stealthiness.

Matching End Walls

Awnings are great for protecting your caravan from the sun, but they also provide an extra level of protection. Some people like to protect their privacy with a screen on top as well. A popular choice is an end wall that comes in different shapes and sizes depending on what you need: square cut or angled. 

These have Velcro straps so it’s easy enough just attach them when installing yours too; every option includes rope spline installation if needed ( Anti Flap Kit coming soon). The 2m width will work best at shorter lengths than full sized caravans though – check compatibility before buying.

CGEAR Caravan Privacy End Wall

CGEAR Caravan Privacy End Wall Drop Suits – Full-Size Caravans, Dual Fixing, Velcro or Rope Tracked for Anti Flap Bars and Pop TopsPremium quality Privacy End Wall for Full-Size Caravans or Poptop Vans with Anti-Flap kit or roof brace fitted.

4.0m CGear Privacy Screen Sun Shade

All of the CGear privacy screens have fully bound edges, stainless steel D-Ring tie points on the sides and bottom and roped tracking for easy installation onto awning rollers. Made from CGear’s premium famous synthetic meshing and provide 90% UV protection from the sun.

CGEAR PopTop Privacy End Wall Drop

CGear privacy screens are made of CGear’s famous synthetic meshing and provide 90% UV protection from the sun. And the best part – they are designed in Australia for Australian conditions. They will outlast the traditional Privacy Screens, due to this superior mesh.

The Ultimate Guide to Awning Privacy Screens

Tips to Get the Most Use Out of Your Awning

The privacy screen revolution has seen this simple product become one of the most popular caravan accessories. They are inexpensive and long lasting, making them a great addition to any caravan awning.

With so many manufacturers producing screens there is no shortage of choice in design or price which means you’re sure to find something that suits your needs.

Privacy screens are the perfect solution for people who want to enjoy their outdoor space, but don’t want to be completely exposed. Privacy screens can allow you to stay outside even in bad weather without feeling like you’re locked away from the world. 

The best thing about these screens is that they provide protection without imposing an enclosed feeling like a solid annexe does. They also increase your comfort level by providing shade on hot days and restricting rain access when needed.

As the name suggests the privacy screens are ideal for use in more crowded locations. Reclaiming your outdoor space can double your living area and enable a more relaxed feel. The shade screens provide a personal barrier without completely blocking off the great outdoors.

Due to the different size mounting channels in Roll-out vs Box awning there are two main styles of screens available and they are not interchangeable. Roll out awnings like Carefree or Dometic require a screen with a larger diameter spline than Box awnings like Fiamma.


The Best Screens for Roll-out Awnings

Side Screens – Long Wall

Side screens are a great way to protect your home or business from the sun. Made to suit awnings that are 10-19 ft long, these side screens have rope sewn into the edge which slides into a track on your awning. The walls are made of shade cloth with 90-95% shade depending on the brand. There is also an option for eyelets or d-rings at the bottom edge so they can be pegged down for added stability and protection against windy days.

The size of your screen will determine the length that it can be fitted with. If you have an awning, make sure to measure correctly and select a proper physical size for both screens so they complement each other well.

For the end walls (front & rear screens)

When selecting an end wall screen there are two main styles to choose from, each with their own perks:

  • Pop-top – The square and flat tops on pop-tops are designed to make it easier for the awning cross brace when found close as most can be.
  • The Caravan is the perfect way to give your caravan an awning roof. Made with an angled / sloped top, it’s designed specifically for attaching seamlessly onto full height caravans without damaging or scratching any surfaces on either side of where you’ll want this accessory installed.

The Advantages of Caravan Awning Privacy Screens

Reasons to Add Privacy Screens to Your Camper Awning

  • Firstly and most importantly, the quality of your living space will increase.
  • A great way to cook outdoors, an outdoor kitchen is a must-have for any camper. They offer more space and ventilation than the typical kitchen in your van.
  • Provides a great place to camp without worrying about bothering your neighbors.
  • A properly installed window enclosure will keep out the noise, but let in fresh air.
  • Keep away the insects to enter the area you live in.
  • It’s a good thing to have protection from the elements, and this privacy screens provides it in an easy way.
  • The security of awnings is augmented by privacy screens which provide extra protection from the sun and weather.

3.7m CGear Privacy Screen

CGear Privacy screens are Premium Quality screens, designed in Australia for Australian conditions. All of the CGear privacy screens have fully bound edges, stainless steel D-Ring tie points on the sides and bottom and roped tracking for easy installation onto awning rollers. Made from CGear's premium famous synthetic meshing and provide 90% UV protection from the sun.

Sunscreen Shade

Coast Caravan 2.2m Kitchen Awning Sunscreen Shade

Coast to Coast now has a NEW range of Camper Privacy Sunscreens, these are perfect for shading the kitchen area in most campers as well as providing privacy. Coast’s range of sunscreens has been redesigned with the end result being a stronger and more functional sunscreen. The front and side sunscreens now feature an improved spline that won’t kink over time.

Pop Top Caravan Privacy Screen End 2.0m x 1.8m

Explore privacy screen ends have been designed to complement the range of Explore privacy screens, by extending the privacy and shade coverage to the front or rear end of your pop-top, caravan, or motorhome, without obstructing the breeze.