Best Air Mattresses: Pick the Right One for You

What Are Air Mattresses and How Do You Use Them?

Airbeds, also known as air mattress are lightweight and inflatable beds. They can be made of fabric or rubber with certain types being made out urethane plastic that will provide you comfort while sleeping on them.

You don’t need to exercise your lungs with this pump as it comes equipped with a built-in electric motor that compresses the air for you. Since you can compress it down into its smallest size, sleeping will be much easier when using one of these portable mattresses.

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What is an Air Mattress Made of?

An air mattress is usually made of polyvinyl chloride, which can be more comfortable than a common PVC pipe. 

More recently though there has been an increase in the production and use for these types to materials like rubber or special kind urethane plastic – they are less brittle so it’s much easier on your body.

How Much Should an Airbed Cost?

Air mattresses come in different sizes and prices. Some may be as low as $50, while others can cost more than two hundred dollars! Keep this information handy when shopping for an airbed – you’ll want to take these factors into consideration so your search is successful.

How Long Is the Typical Airbed Supposed to Last?

Airbeds are so durable that people have been known to use them as a guest bed and they can last for up to eight years.

A mattress’ lifespan depends on how good it is at retaining its original comfort, support, cleanliness without any deliberate external factors destroying the structure or usability of your chosen surface over time; air beds seem like an ideal choice when you want something cheap but still don’t plan on using yours every night.

The Best Uses for an Air Bed

  • If you have a lot of people coming over, it’s important to be prepared.
  • You need a spare bed for the guest room but you don’t want to spend too much.
  • Often go camping with friends and families

Bestway Flocked Inflatable Air Bed - Single

The Bestway Flocked Inflatable Air Bed will make your sleep experience more comfortable. It features a sturdy coil beam construction and heavy-duty repair patch, so you can use it anywhere.

Bestway Air Bed Beds Mattress Single Size

Featuring a comfortable flocked sleeping surface, the single size air bed provides a smooth and comfy sleep each and every night.

Bestway Single Air Bed Inflatable 

Combined with a sturdy coil-beam construction and 30cm thick built-in pillow, this quality air bed is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. Inflates in just 10 seconds!

Where to Buy an Air Mattress

In our fast-paced lives, we are always looking for quick solutions. In order to make sure that your sleep is not disrupted by a sinking sensation of unease on the morning after an Airbed purchase you might want consider checking out these different shopping venues in today’s market place – online stores or brick and mortar locations.

1. Traditional Street-Side Business

The first step to finding your perfect bed is by looking at what’s available. The following Traditional Street-Side Business options are some great starting points for those who want the nitty gritties on their new mattress:

Mattress Specialty Stores

As you’re looking for a mattress, it might be useful to know that there are many different styles. This is because these massive brick and mortar shops hold the broadest range of products in this category- mattresses or bedding materials from private businesses as well as major chains like Walmart, Ikea etc.

Furniture and Department Stores

The local furniture and department store chains in brick-and mortar locations will keep a small variety of mattresses. They might or might not have trained sales staff specializing in mattress sales, but they are more likely to be knowledgeable about their products than big box retailers who sell thousands at once.

2. Online

You can skip the lines and purchase a new air mattress online. There are two options if you want an easier time:

Online Retailers

It’s never been easier to find the perfect mattress for your needs. With online retailers like Amazon or Ebay, you can get a range of different brands and models at prices that will fit any budget.

The bottom line is that you should always check for sleep trial eligibility when ordering through these sites. You may not be protected if the page isn’t an authorized reseller and plans, but make sure to ask about warranty coverage anyway.

Direct to Consumer Brands

The best way to buy a mattress is from an established, direct-to-consumer brand. Nectar offers live chat apps that allow you the opportunity of talking directly with customer service representatives and also guarantee full sleep test results as well as warranty protection for your purchase if purchased this way.

Reasons Why You Should Use an Air Bed When Camping

If you’re looking for the perfect place to lay your head and rest during a camping trip, there are different options available. 

One such option is an air bed which can provide comfort as it offers more support than other sleeping equipment like mats or hammocks– among others! If this sounds good but don’t know where exactly start with choosing one?

Easy to Set Up and Use

Air beds provide a comfortable and easy way to sleep anywhere, from the ground up on your own private space or inside of any tent

They come in different shapes with smooth vinyl materials which makes them super durable so you won’t have trouble keeping clean if something spills over it during use.

Storage Space is Not a Problem

Storing the air bed is also very easy. You can just roll it from end to end, stuff in its carry-on bag and you are good to go! If storing at home, clean with water every so often before rolling back up for another trip – this tiny space filler will take up little room on your floor or desk because of its compact size when stored properly.

It is more Affordable

Air beds are generally affordable. They can be bought for as low as $10 and go up to around $150. Air beds usually come with a pump that is used to inflate the bed with air, but some may also need an electric pump.

You might want to consider buying one if you’re looking for something more affordable than a regular mattress or box spring set up.

With Adjustable Firmness Mattress

Wouldn’t you like to rest your tired body on a soft surface? Air beds have adjustable firmness, allowing you the option of customizing it. If choosing for yourself is not enough and want something with more support–then choose an air bed that offers greater comfort from head-to-toe.

It is Made of Durable Materials

Air beds are a comfortable way to sleep on the ground or in any other space that lacks bedding. The materials used for air mattresses nowadays can handle 600 pounds of weight, and they don’t need much care as long as you take good care during use. 

In addition, plastic isn’t ideal because it will get damaged easily over time while vinyl retains its shape no matter how long you use them which makes this type better if camping trips occur often with friends where there’s room enough at home but not so much storage needed.

It Weighs Less

Air beds with manual pumps are more likely than electric ones to be lighter and packable. Camping mattresses that use an external pump typically come in at around 2-3 kilograms, making them great for hiking trips or backpacking adventures abroad.

If you’re camping near your RV (or car), it’s worth taking a look at these lightweight airbeds too; they will help save on luggage space when packing up camp after days of fun outdoors

Bigger Sleeping Space

Sleeping bags are made specifically for single sleepers, so if you’re camping with your family or friends it’s best to bring individual sleeping bags. You’ll also have set up the hammocks and cots separately- more space is needed in your bag.

But there are options like air beds that come in different sizes depending on what kind of tent they fit into; these types can accommodate one person who may be staying over at someone else’s place too without taking up all their living quarters (or just need something extra large).

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Twin Airbed

Built with advanced Fiber-Tech technology and designed for long-lasting durability, you can rest assured that this airbed will support you or your guests for years to come. Ideal for camping trips or nights when guests pop in unannounced!

Intex Twin Dura-High Airbed w/ 2-Step Battery Inflation System

The Intex Dura-Beam Air Bed is the ideal cushy and comfortable solution. This mattress is compact for those without extra storage space and features an in-built pump so you can rest in minutes, without any effort. Sleep the night away on a cloud - zero hand-pumping required.

Intex Dura-Beam Standard Queen Classic Downy Airbed

Enjoy a good night's sleep no matter where you are with the Intex Dura-Beam Standard Airbed, boasting enhanced comfort, stability and firmness.

The Definitive Guide to Inflating an Air Mattress

  • Fill up the air mattress with a compressor. Attach an extra long hose to your own personal style, flip switches when needed and watch as it gets higher by itself.
  • You can use an electric pump if you have access to electricity. If not, just plug in and connect it with your air mattress for filling on its own! Electric pumps are loud but some people prefer them over other methods anyways because they’re easier than working by hand.
  • When you’re looking for an air mattress, don’t forget the pump! Air mattresses come with built-in or attachable pumps. You can find one that’s easy to use and inflates quickly so it will be ready before your guests arrive.
  • Try a home remedy. If you don’t want to spend money on the pump, there are other options. You can find many video tutorials online for using your hair dryer in order blow up mattress or even just use an old garbage bag- these will take more work but think how impressed friends will be when they see what method of inflation was used?

The Best Types of Air Mattresses

The air mattress is a great way to ensure your guests are comfortable. Mattresses can be found in all different sizes, including twin, full queen and king size options that come with unique features depending on the brand you choose. 

Some brands offer double high beds which might provide 25″ of height for those who want extra space when sleeping or lounging around their room without compromising comfort level due to spider bites lurking about below them.

Some mattresses have technology to make your bed more comfortable. For example, with the touch of one button on some models you’ll find yourself sinking into a soft surface that’s just right for relieving tension in all areas-headboard included.

Built-in pillows may also be an option if this appeals to you and can provide extra support during those tough days at work or school because they’re designed specifically around head shape changing throughout adulthood.

The Best Air Mattresses for Camping

Portable and easy to set up, air mattresses are a great option for anyone who is camping. With different sizes available at your fingertips then you can bet that it’ll fit into any tent without difficulty.

A truck bed is the perfect place for an air mattress. You can find one that will fit into your vehicle and still provide protection from bugs on the ground, or you could just enjoy watching stars through its transparent cover while camping far away from city lights.

How to Repair an Air Mattress?

Air mattresses are prone to getting holes, which lets air escape and makes the mattress deflate. Air bed repair kits are available – they usually come with some sort of rubber cement or glue for you to use on patches if needed.

Many people also use guerilla tape or other types of adhesives to patch holes in air mattresses. Cloth patches are available for those looking to sew their own repairs on-site, just be sure that you’re using heavy duty thread so as not break through the fabric.

Pavillo Tritech Queen Size Airbed

Enjoy a good night's sleep almost anywhere with the Bestway Pavillo Tritech Airbed! Ultra-plush and comfy, this amazing airbed features a flocked sleeping surface and a built-in pillow - ideal for camping trips, sleepovers and unexpected guests!

Pavillo Tritech Twin Size Airbed - Purple

Ultra-plush and comfy, this amazing airbed features a flocked sleeping surface and a built-in pillow - ideal for camping trips, sleepovers and unexpected guests!

Bestway Pavillo Fortech Air Bed 

This bed features an interlocking quick release valve for easy inflation and deflation, is great for indoor or outdoor use, and comes with a full color box. The sturdy coil beam construction provides high levels of strength and durability while the polyester fabric provides comfort.

Selecting a Quality Air Mattress for Everyday Use

If you’re looking for an air mattress that can be used on a daily basis, there are some things to consider when shopping.

Determine your needs

Whether you’re looking for a temporary solution or want relief from pain, an air mattress can help. When saving money on your regular bedding and just need something until then – think of this purchase as part-time living.

Whatever the reason, understanding what you want will help determine which attributes matter most.

Materials and Parts

A durable material like PVC, supportive interior fibers and soft fabric layers on top will allow the air mattress to be more comfortable. It also has construction components that help distribute weight for a better experience throughout all parts of your trip.

You can find self-inflating pumps that are small, efficient and easy to use. Plus they’re great for people who want a mattress with more room on it because of an increased height.


An air mattress is a great way to sleep on the ground. With good care, you can expect your quality bedding to last at least as long and be comfortable for years. 

Before using it for its first time make sure that there are no leaks in order not have any unpleasant surprises moments later when sleeping next night-and also keep sharp objects away so they don’t breach through into inside of bag or puncture anything with their pointy ends. 

For most people who own an extra set sheets will work well enough because these help clean up spills between washes too; just lay them over surface wherever needed.

The Advantages of Sleeping on an Air Mattress Everyday

Sleeping on an air mattress is a great way to get your bed without the hassle of dealing with sheets and blankets. Plus, it’s lightweight enough for when you’re traveling or living in tight quarters. 

The price point alone makes this product even more appealing–you won’t have any worries about breaking out the wallet at night because there are so many affordable options available that will suit just about anyone’s budget nicely – from $200 down into triple digits.

Drawbacks using Air Mattress for Everyday

Air mattresses are great for camping trips, home renovations and even just when you need a spot to sleep. They’re lightweight so they don’t add much weight or size to your luggage while on the go – also making them perfect if traveling with kids in to. 

But please be aware there’s always some risk involved: an inflated air mattress can get punctured by things like spikes from grounded objects beneath it; while this doesn’t usually happen often enough to warrant worry about causing any damage (especially since repairs tend to price out under $200), accidents do occur.

How Often Should You Change Your Mattress?

We all spend thousands of hours on our mattresses, and it is not uncommon to wonder about the frequency at which we should get a new one. Unfortunately there can never be just one answer because each person has their own needs when considering this topic.

For example: if someone always spills drinks or snacks onto them as soon as they sit down in those spots; then maybe every year would work for that individual rather than once every two years like most people do who don’t put heavy wear-and-tear into their mattress.

But still want something comfortable enough so they will use these things more often than less depending upon personal preference.

Bestway Air Bed - Queen Size

Inflates in just 240 seconds, you will have an instant bed ready to go whenever the situation calls for a spare mattress. Portable, easy to store and effortless to set up, this convenient air mattress provides the perfect balance of comfort, practicality and affordability.

Bestway Tritech Premium Queen Size

Ultra-plush and comfy, this amazing airbed features a seamless vinyl and I-beam construction, a flocked sleeping surface, and a built-in electric air pump for rapid inflation and deflation - ideal for camping trips, sleepovers and unexpected guests!

Intex Dura-Beam Mid-rise  w/ Electric Pump Single

The Intex Pillow Rest Mid-Rise Airbed offers the perfect all-around sleeping solution, providing both campers and in-home users with the convenience of a lightweight, comfortable bed that is built for great sleep anywhere you go.

The Pros of an Air Mattress

It is no secret that air mattresses are a very popular option for people who want to have a comfortable place to sleep when they go camping or on vacation. 

They come in all shapes and sizes, and many different air mattress models also offer features like built-in pumps, air tight seals, and more! We’ll explore the pros of air mattresses below:


Airbeds are a modern convenience for people who want to make their camp site feel like home. They’re light and portable, so you can take them with just about any type of camping equipment or vehicle.

Lower Cost

Airbeds are a popular choice for many people, who want to enjoy the comfort of an extra mattress. Air beds provide better support and can be cost-effective as well because of their low price tag compared with other types mattresses on the market today.

Adjustable Firmness

One of the main benefits an airbed has over a traditional bed is its changeable firmness. This means you can inflate or deflate to adjust for whichever type of support feels more comfortable versus having just one rigid surface that’s always there, no matter what we want it do be doing at any given time.

Good Insulation

The best thing about an airbed is how you can change its firmness. With that, your body will always be in perfect comfort no matter what kind of surface it’s on or if someone else has used it before.

The Cons of an Air Mattress

Air mattresses are a great option for those who don’t want to spend a lot of money on a bed and want something more comfortable than sleeping on the floor. We’ll cover some of the drawbacks that come with these mattress.

Shorter Warranty

The warranty for an inflatable bed is usually less than that of other frame materials, so if there’s a defect in the structure or pump you may have to pay.

Replacing Pumps

If your pump is defective, then you have two options: pay to replace it or fix the problem yourself.

Noisy Pump

The most common complaint about airbeds is the noise of their pumps, but this can usually be found in budget brands.

Lengthy Assembly

To assemble an extensive and fixed use of the inflatable mattresses, it can take about 30-60 minutes with 2 people.

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