Single Self-inflating Mattress


Weisshorn Single Self-inflating Mattress is made of high density 10cm thick polyurethane foam, this self-inflating mat offers great sleeping comfort at camping sites. With anti-slip polyester pongee bottom and PVC coating, the mat is suitable for all ground surfaces. With joinable buttons on the sides of the mattress allowing you to join multiple mats together. Equipped with 2 efficient self-inflating valves at the end of the mattress, it only takes a minute to inflate.

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A good sleeping surface is a difference between an arduous or a restful camping experience. The Weisshorn Single Self-Inflating Mattress can help you get through your night’s sleep with ease, whether it be on foot in nature or outfitted to backpacks across rough terrain for days at a time!

Mattress made from high-density polyurethane foam deflates quickly when not being used so that their weight isn’t attached indefinitely and risk becoming flat unless supported by other objects such as rocks around them while they’re folded up – perfect if space inside tents are limited like they often tend to become these days.

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