Weisshorn Single Self-inflating Mat


The Weisshorn self-inflating mat is perfect for you. Made with a durable and water-resistant taffeta polyester surface, this mat will keep you warm and cozy all night long. It has 2.5cm thick polyurethane foam that provides efficient insulation against cold surfaces while simultaneously providing enough cushion to make your sleep more comfortable. This mat also features an efficient self-inflating valve that makes it easy to set up at any campsite without needing any outside help or equipment.

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Any camper will appreciate the value of a good sleeping surface in the outdoors. It can make the difference between a tedious or an exhilarating experience in the wild. And that’s where the Weisshorn Single Self-inflating Mat can help make resting a lot more comfortable for the happy wanderer.

As the name says it all, the waterproof Mat self-inflates through the built-in valve in just 60 seconds, presenting you with a smooth sleeping surface amidst all types of terrain almost instantly. Made from high density 2.5cm thick polyurethane foam, the Mat has anti-slip polyester pongee bottom. That way, you lie on a smooth and comfortable surface with a mat that does not slip or move with your every turn while sleeping or shifting around.

Need more resting surface? Just connect other mats via the built-in buttons for an enlarged area. In fact, you can extend the mat multiple times through this simple and convenient process. And when all is done, just roll up the deflated mat and packed it into the carry bag for your next destination.

Explore the wild knowing that you have ready comfort on whatever ground you’re treading with the Weisshorn Single Self-inflating Mat.


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